Chrome Paint

Chrome Paint

We offer you two options:

Achieve chrome finishes with a 100% mirror effect using our professional chrome plating systems. The systems work with a chemical procedure based on water-based silver nitrate and allow treating different types of material such as: plastic (ABS, PP, PE, PC, PVC,...), plywood, metal, wood, glass, etc. Compared to conventional procedures, this one is easier to apply and eco-friendlier as neither toxic substance are used nor heavy metals are emitted.

METALCHROME paint with ultra fine aluminium pigments -that grouped together- creates close to a 80-90% mirror effect – always under the condition that the surface was properly pre-treated. With the new formula a chrome effecto of up to 90% can be achieved. The chrome paint is more economic compared to other brands and provides an incomparable effect. It is a solvent-based and ready for use, non-toxic product.

By using one of our candy coats a colouring can be easily obtained.

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