Colours – without them the world would only be half as beautiful. They give this certain something to things, they inspire and increase recognition factor.

colourfox is a professional in the field of paints with innovative special effects, chrome plating systems and further related products. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best products on the market in terms of performance and finishing and to help them finding the right product for their needs. We are continuously seeking for the newest trends and latest technologies in application development and specific paintings.

An extensive experience and knowledge as well as the close cooperation with manufacturers and well-known brands of this industry, allows us to offer a wide and diverse range of products with the best value for money. Years of experience in the worldwide commercialization help us providing a fast, effective customer service:

  • Advice on application processes of special effects or conventional painting processes.
  • Advice on the selection of adequate products or paint systems in accordance with the customer’s needs.
  • Customizing product packages with special prices.
  • Interested in a ad-cooperation? We promote your works and thus our positioning.
Our products are suitable for professionals and amateurs. We market a wide range of effect paints and other related products, which are used primarily in the following areas: automotive, airbrush painting, decoration, restoration as well as airbrush makeup. Our customers are mainly retailers, but we also distribute certain products to wholesalers. Contact us if you are a wholesaler (info@colourfox.com)


Online Shop for Airbrushing, Kustom Paints, Paints with Effects, Spray Guns and more

Expert in Quality Kustom Paint and Supplies

  • Airbrushes, air compressors, spray guns
  • Airbrush paint and Kustom Paint
  • Metal flakes, tapes, gold and silver leafing
  • Pinstriping
  • Sprays
  • Pure Chrome Systems
  • Chrome Paint 90%
  • Primers, clears, additives,...

Interested in a workshop?

In cooperation with our closest business partners we offer workshops (in Barcelona and surroundings) about applying conventional and special paints, airbrushes and chrome plating systems. If you have any questions, send us an e-mail.

Further question about workshops? Send us an e-mail to info@colourfox.com


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email: info@colourfox.com

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