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    Clear Coats / Intercoat Clears 

    • From 153,72 € 4In Stock
      The glamour finish for demanding finishes: 2K UHS clear glossy 7010, developped according to VOC regulations. Especially designed for big pieces: cars, ships, etc. Excellent flexibility and hardness. A 100% compatible with waterborne and solventborne paints.Available sizes:- Kit 1.5L (1L clear 7010 + 0.5L hardener UHS)- Kit 7.5L (5L clear 7010 + 2.5L...
    • 2K Ceramic Clear Glossy PPG
      Limited special offer
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    • Clear Thunder Extra Fast (2L) - Custom Creative
      Limited special offer
      47,07 € Before 55,37 € 5In Stock
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      A transparent coating formulated with the latest chemcial tecnology, that offers an extra fast drying for small and big parts. Touch-dry after 25min, manipulable after 35-40min, polishable in only 90min.The Thunder clear offers an extrordinary gloss and hardness.UHS formulation according to the VOC regulations.Size: kit of 1L clearcoat + 1L hardenerBlend:...
    • BARNIZ PARA FAROS 2K - 8801 (CAARQ) Sale
      Limited special offer
      40,50 € Before 51,46 € 1In Stock
    • From 38,43 € 5In Stock
      UHS clearcoat developped according to the current VOC-regulation, environment protection. Maximum speed and performance. High gloss, dust-dry in 50-60min at 20-25ºC, high resistance to UV radition, highly chemical-physical resistent. Application: 1.5 coats, with pressure of 2bar and nozzle of 1.3-1.4mmAvailable sizes: 1L and 5LServed in kits incl....
    • Intercoat Clear AG710 CUSTOM CREATIVE
      Limited special offer
      From 36,07 € Before 40,08 € OUT OF STOCK
      Reduced price!
      Solvent-based 1K intercoat clear especially designed for Custom paint jobs.  Latest generation, 100% transparency, 100% adhesionSize: 1LBrand: Custom Creative
    • 34,71 € 3In Stock
      Matt clear coat, 100% matt finish.VOC 532 g/l.Kit: 1L clear coat + 200ml hardener
    • Candy Clearcoat HS 2K Gloss 0,75Kit
      Limited special offer
      32,23 € Before 37,19 € 3In Stock
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    • From 31,82 € 1In Stock
      High Solid (HS) clear coat, easy to apply and with an extremely optimum finish: total hardness, high gloss, air drying. Ideal for work in automotive refinish, airbrushing and industry.Formulation with HS of the latest generation with regard to the VOC regulation, environment protection. 2 kits of HS clear + hardener available.
    • 31,40 € 5In Stock
      Semi-matt finish clear 2K. Delivered with hardener. Mixing ratio: 5:1High-quality solvent-based clear, fast drying, high performance.KIT 1.2L (1L clear + 200ml hardener)Coverage: 6-7 m2Brand: Custom Creative
      Limited special offer
      29,01 € Before 32,23 € 4In Stock
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    • From 27,69 € 2In Stock
      Clear C5700 of Custom Creative. Fast drying, high hardness, easy to apply. Both, for small and big pieces. Quality clear at an economic price. Especially for refinish.HS finish high gloss.2 sizes: Kit 1L Clear 5700 incl. hardenerKit 5L Clear 5700 incl. hardenerBlend: 2:1Note: The kit includes the standard drying hardener, if you want a fast or slow drying...
    • From 13,22 € 5In Stock
      2K high gloss varnish, ceramic-like, developed with the latest technology of polyaspartic type. Of a high hardness, extra fast drying, in 30-40min touch-dry and polishing possible after only 90minServed in sets of: 200ml, 500ml, 1000ml
    • From 10,74 € Out of stock
      Out of stock
      TECH4 is an EPOXY clear of 2 compounds with extra glossy finish and high thickness.Used on sculptures, motorcycle tanks, surf- and skateboards, furnitures.Availables in:Set of 125ml Epoxy + hardenerSet of 250ml Epoxy + hardenerSet of 500ml Expox + hardener
    • From 8,26 € 2In Stock
      Solvent-based 1K intercoat clear especially designed for Custom paint jobs.  Latest generation, 100% transparency, 100% adhesionSize: 1LBrand: Custom Creative

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