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    Colourfox EX2 white pearl paint includes a new formulation with 2 types of pearl pigments mixed together: one extra fine and the other with sparkle dispersion. This combination gives more pronounced pearlescent reflections while maintaining the elegance of white pearl and its purity. Easy to apply both for airbrush or spray gun.
  • Silver Metalic Base Coat
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    Solvent-based metallic silver bilayer paint with coarse particles for glamorous effects in custom painting projects and airbrushing. This product can be used as a finish or as a basecoat to blend in with Candys of the brand Custom Creative.Available sizes: 150ml and 1L
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    Solvent-based metallic silver paint with fine pigments for glamorous finishes in custom helmets, bikes and cars. Varnished with a clearcoat it can be used as an attractive, discreet finish effect thanks to its fine particles. The paint also serves as base for Custom Creative´s candys concentrates.Brand: Custom CreativeAvailable sizes: 150ml and 500ml
  • Opaque Basecoat (solvent) 1L - Custom Creative Sale
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    Acrylic paint, available in 12 different colour shades. Basecoats in coarse metallic for eye-catching effects. - 12 colours available- 473ml tins
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    Holographic rainbow paint with a multi-coloured iridescent effect generated by the reflections of the light.Solvent-based acrylic resin paint.Available in different formats: 1L, 0.5L, 0.25L, 125ML.
  • Fluorescent Paint 1L - COSTUM CREATIVE
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    Custom Creative‘s fluorescent paint stands out for their intense colours, facilitated by the quality of the pigmentation and solvent-based resins. One of the best fluor paint on the marketSolvent-based, available in 11 colours and Size: 1 Liter
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    Custom Creative fluorescents stand out for their intense colors, facilitated by the quality of the pigmentation. Available in water base and solvent base. 6 colors to choose. Format: 1L CHOOSE COLOR AND BASE.
  • Chameleon Paint Fantasy 150ml - Custom Creative
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    These chameleon paints show a range of colours depending on the visual angle, the object‘s shape and the incidence of light onto the object, creating unique colour shifts. Solvent-based paint of high quality and performance. 4 colour shifts available:Blue to Orange Blue to Red Yellow to Green Red to GreenContent: 150mlApplication: Airbrush and spraygun
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    This colour shifting paint – chameleon paint – changes its colour when viewed from different angles. This flip paint changes its colour from green to purple. Solvent-based acrylic basecoat. In small quantities it can also be ordered as water-based paint. Colour shifts: green to purple redDifferent sizes available: 1L, 0.5L, 0.25L, 0.125LBrand: Stardust
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    Holographic paint with a cobalt blue shade thanks to a special mixture of iridescent pigments (35 microns) with ultra-concentrated candys and high-quality bilayer paint.Application: spray gun, airbrush or Preval sprayer Can sizes: 125ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1L and Preval sprayer incl. 150ml effect paintCovering power 1L = 6 - 7 m2Product Colourfox Paints
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    Azul Bianchi is a unique and striking color, water-based acrylic.FORMAT: 250ml - 500ml
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    High quality automotive paint KAWASAKI GREEN opaque for use with spraygun or airbrush.Mixing ratio with solvent: 1:1Apply on white or light grey baseMaximum coverage and yieldAvailable volumes: 125ml, 250ml, 500ml and complete spray paint kit
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    Solvent-based airbrush paint with opaque finish by Custom Creative. High coverage power and pigmentation. Vibrant colours especially developped for custom car y and motorbike painting.   Size: 150 ml.Mixing ratio: 1 to 1 with acrylic solvent13 colours availabe

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