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    Pearl Paint 

    Pearl Paint
    • From 15,70 € 2In Stock
      Colourfox EX2 white pearl paint includes a new formulation with 2 types of pearl pigments mixed together: one extra fine and the other with sparkle dispersion. This combination gives more pronounced pearlescent reflections while maintaining the elegance of white pearl and its purity. Easy to apply both for airbrush or spray gun.
    • Terracotta Pearl Paint
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      These terracotta pearl paint gives different finishes depending on the base colour: applied onto a white base a gold rose tone is obtained, onto a black bose a bronce pearl finish. An elegant colour, eye-catching, but in a subtile way. Easy to use, can be applied with airbrush and spraygun. Available in cans of: 125ml / 250ml / 500ml / 1L
    • 35,12 € Before 41,32 € 5In Stock
      Reduced price!
      Airbrush paint kit H2O including 5 Metallic of basic shades and 1 thinner, all water-based and ready to spray.Custom Creative‘s Metallic H2O, withouth doubt, are one of the best water-based airbrush paint on the spanish market. Designed with pigments of maximum brightness and stability for vibrant and deep effects. Kit of 6 bottles of 60ml each: 5 basic...
    • 19,01 € OUT OF STOCK
      Create your own, unique pearlescent effect paint with the pearls of Custom Creative. Simply mix them with a transparent resin, the concentration of the pearls is fixed by yourself! 16 different coloursCan: 28gr (1oz) - enough for 1L blend
    • 18,18 € 2In Stock
    • 7,44 € 5In Stock
      Latest generation Ice Pearl Crystal Violet powder with impressive pearly violet sparkles.They generate a great reflection of light like metal flakes but with the particularity of maximum transparency in the particle.Format: 5gr
    • 30,50 € 4In Stock
      Prism Effect holographic powder pigment, for mixing with water-based or solvent-based bilayer resin or enamels.The maximum mixing ratio is 25 grams for 1L of binder.It can be mixed in smaller proportions from 0.5% of proportion.Format: 5 grams (20µ - 35µ) 25 grams (70µ)

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