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    Kits Chrom Paint 90% 

    • kit-spray-steelchrome-crome-effect-90%
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      The finish Steelchrome is similar to the chrome plating effect with an 90% mirror effect. Contains all sprays that are needed to obtain a chrome effect.Spray 400ml SteelChrome effect paint of 90% mirror (yield aprox. 1m2) Spraya Clear 2K 400ml (Base coat) Spray Clear 2K 250ml (top coat)
    • From 37,19 € 6In Stock
      Complete kit STEELCHROME chrome paint 90% mirror with its complements. Designed for application with airbrush or spot repair gun. This kit contains all you need to chrome any type of material with a chrome effect finish of 90% mirror effect. 2 kits available:150ml or 250ml (of Steelchrome paint) + complements.Brand: Custom Creative
    • Complete Kit Chrome Spray Paint Steelchrome in Color
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      Complete chrome paint (90%) spray set in colour for a chrome effect 90% mirror an any type of surface.Coverage power: 1m2Spray Steelchrome paint 90% mirror effect 400ml (coverage: 1-1.5m2 Spray Clear Basecoat 2K Gloss Spray Clear Candy 2K glos (finish)
    • Complete kit Chrome Effect 90 COLOR Sale
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      Complete kits of chrome paint and accessories to obtain a chrome effect in colour. All you need to achieve a coloured chrome effect with fully tested and guaranteed products. Available sets:Complete kit 1L Complete kit 0.5L Complete airbrush kit 150mlYou can choose from 13 candys to colour your chrome finishes. Application: spray gun or airbrush.
    • From 34,71 € 4In Stock
      Complete chrome effect paint kit for use with spray gun.All products have been properly tested to ensure a 90% chrome finish.Sets are available in various formats, from the airbrushing kit for smaller jobs to the liter kit for workshops including accessories (basecoat / topcaot, chrome paint and special sealer).
    • Basic-Set-Chrome-Spray-Paint-2X
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      Aerosol chrome paint, 90% mirror effect on any surface that has been previously prepared. STEELCHROME is the most realistic chrome effect finish in spray format. To achieve a correct result, a specific application process must be followed. Especial attention to the preparation of the surface. 1K gloss clear should NOT be used as base for the chrome...
    • From 20,66 € 6In Stock
      Basic kist of the famous chrome paint Steelchrome and special sealer H2O Fixchrome to obtain a chrome effect up to 90%. Now with an improved formula for a higher chrome effect. Can be applied on any type of material.Kits available in different sizes.

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