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    Big Spray Guns 

    • 1 359,19 € 1In Stock
      Kit of high-end IWATA spray guns for base and clear applications that includes a limited edition Turnpike Hakone spray gun for BASE and a WS400 EVO 1.3HD Clear, for a top quality finish.Kit contents:- LS400 1.3TS spray gun in quality plastic case + regulator pressure gauge + quick connector PPS- WS400 1.3HD Evo Clear spray gun in cardboard boxAnest Iwata
    • Pistola 5000 B RP JET 1.3mm - SATA
      Limited special offer
      700,66 € Before 778,51 € 2In Stock
      Reduced price!
      Premium spray gun SATA Jet 5000 B RP which sets new quality standards. Extreme versatility regarding application distance and inlet pressure. - Optimised nozzle concept - Ergonomically shaped gun handle- Easy cleaning, corrosionresistant- Easy to adjust control elements- Swivel joint with new high performance seal- Optimised half-turn spray fan control
    • 691,74 € 5SPECIAL OFFER
      SPRAY GUN IWATA SUPERNOVA WS 400 EVO 1.3mm CLEAR served in kit including a glossy and a matt clear of Custom Creative.  One of the finest and most professional spray guns ever designed for perfect finishes. Now available as kit including two clears of the spanish brand Custom Creative.Kit 1.2L matt clear C650 (incl. hardener)Kit 1.5L glossy clear...
    • Spray Gun Kit Lotus Supernova Limited Edition Sale
      Limited special offer
      584,00 € Before 730,00 € 1TIME OF DELIVERY 3-5 DAYS
      Special edition spray gun Hakone Turnpike Anest Iwata (WS-400 evo or LS-400 entech ) in a high-quality plastic case including- 600ml gravity cup - AFV-2 pressure gauge - certificate of authenticity - cleaning set - 3M adapterLimited edition, until stock lasts.
    • 404,13 € Before 621,74 € 2OFFER - 30%
      Reduced price!
      SPRAY GUN IWATA SUPERNOVA WS 400 EVO 1.3mm CLEAR One of the finest and most professional spray guns ever designed. This spray gun of highest quality has a unique design made by Pinifarina, the Italian design house known for history’s top car designs, in close cooperation with IWATA’s engineers.
    • Spraygun-4600-Trophy-Truck-Sagola-Limited-Edition
      Limited special offer
      346,85 € Before 408,06 € 2In Stock
      Reduced price!
      Limited edition 2019 "Trophy Truck" of the popular spraygun 4600 by Sagola. Inspired by off-road vehicles: fast, agile and efficient! A gun with exceptional application speed and unmatched product transfer levels providing highest ease of use.Available with AQUA and the new Titania PRO air cap showing superior levels...
    • Spray-Gun-4600 Scrambler-Sagola Sale
      Limited special offer
      326,45 € Before 520,66 € Out of stock
      Out of stock
      In honor of the legendary Scrambler, Sagola combines cutting-edge technology and vintage design perfectly in a limited edition: the spray gun 4600 Scrambler. A spray gun with an adventurous spirit expression and way of life symbol. The 4600 Scrambler is available with different tip sizes. Brand: Sagola
    • Spray Gun 4600 Xtreme Internal Regulator - SAGOLA
      Limited special offer
      321,49 € Before 519,83 € 1In Stock
      Reduced price!
      The bodywork finishing spray gun: 4600 Xtreme of Sagola.Smaller, lighter with perfect weight distribution and high comfortability.This gun overcomes the present challenges of vehicle refinishing. It offers a wide range of solutions for the new paint of the principal refinish paint brands.Following versions available: DVR AQUA, DVR HVLP, DVR CLEAR (with...
    • 277,17 € 3SPECIAL OFFER
      Limited edition AZ3 HTE-S Impact Air Gunsa ARMY now available in a set including varnish C5700 Easy Clear from the Spanish brand Custom Creative. Versatile spray gun for basecoats and clears, solvent- and water-based.Delivery includes:- Air Gunsa AZ3 HTE-S Impact ARMY 1.3mm tip with 600ccm cup- Kit 1.5L clear varnish Custom Creative C5700...
    • 240,31 € 2In Stock
      Chromed body spray gun, with new high atomization cap for both water and solvent bases.The AZ3 HTE-S Impact is a professional spray gun for clears and basecoats, offering easy access settings for left-handed painters.Limited Edition: ARMYSpecial for bases and clears: 1.3mmBrand: Air Gunsa by Anest Iwata
    • 234,00 € 2In Stock
      Chromed body spray gun, with new high atomization cap for both water and solvent bases.The AZ3 HTE-S Impact is a professional spray gun for finishes or backgrounds with easy access settings for left-handed painters.Available tips: 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, 2.0 mm.Brand: Iwata Airgunsa
    • SprayGun 3300 GTO CAR - Sagola Sale
      Limited special offer
      224,79 € Before 264,46 € 1In Stock
      Light, but solid spray gun with an ergonomic design and high-quality, efficient nozzles. This versatile gun was especially designed for the bodyshop sector offering a wide range of solutions. The 3300 GTO Car is the result of the fusion of two widely used guns: 3300 PRO (industry) and 4100 GTO (bodyshop).Available tips: 1.3mm TECH...
    • Spray Gun 3300 Pro EVO 1.4mm SAGOLA
      Limited special offer
      147,94 € Before 224,79 € 1In Stock
      Reduced price!
      The 3300 GTO is the result of the fusion of two of the most renown products: 3300 PRO (industry) and 4100 GTO (bodyshop). Its forged and anodized body, ergonomic design combined with the highest quality and efficiency nozzles, results in a highly attractive and versatile spray gun with an excellent value for money offering a wide...
    • Spray Gun XRP 1215 - CaarQ Sale
      Limited special offer
      144,63 € Before 195,00 € 2In Stock
      Spray gun XRP 1215 Degaulle, developped with latest technology in LVMP guns, optimized technique in "low volume, medium pressure". Different tips available: 1.3, 1.7mm Suitable for water- and solvent-borne products, as well as for basecoats and especially for topcoats.
      Limited special offer
      142,99 € Before 158,88 € 2In Stock
      Reduced price!
    • Spraygun 1220 LVMP - CaarQ Sale
      Limited special offer
      34,71 € Before 46,28 € Product available with different options
      Product available with different options
      Spraygun low volume medium pressure of excellent price-performance-ratio. Ideal for painting jobs in automotive refinish with filler, bases and clear coats as well as for industrial painting with paints of high density and monolayers. Available tips: 1.4 and 1.8mmGraphity cup of 600mlBrand: CaarQ
    • Pistola Junior G - Sagola
      Limited special offer
      34,71 € Before 43,39 € 2In Stock
      Reduced price!
      Economical all-round gravity feed spray gun with a deposit of 600ml.Different tips available: 1.4, 1.6 and 1.8mm.For paint jobs with low air consumption 150 L/minChromed body, robust but light, with product, fan and air letin regulator. Brand: Sagola

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