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  • Super Kit 3 Pistolas IWATA en Maletín + Acc.
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    Complete Kit of premium Iwata sprayguns, served in a case with accessories:- 1 Supernova Pinifarina LS400 1.4mm gun for basecoat- 1 Supernova Pinifarina WS400 1.3mm gun for clear- 1 AZ3 HTE AV gun 2.0mm for fillers and primers- AFV01 Regulator- Cleaning kit- Universal keyBrand: ANEST IWATA
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    Sagola 610 pressure pot with 10L capacity + spray gun 4100 Xtreme Pressure with 1.2mm nozzle.For the application of all types of paints and sprayable products to be sprayed: Dyes, metallic paints, enamels, varnishes, primers, glues, adhesives, abrasive, textured products, ETC.5 meter hose included.Brand: Sagola
  • Kits-3-Sprayguns-Case-Anest-Iwata-and-accessories
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    5 complete kit with 3 quality sprayguns from the renowned brand ANEST IWATA to choose from. The sets are presented in a high-quality plastic case with the following accessories:- 3 cups- 1 manometer- 1 cleaning set- 1 universal key
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    Special Offer! Complete Kit Supernova of premium Iwata sprayguns, served in a case with accessories:- 1 LS-400 for basecoat- 1 WS-400 for clear- 1 spray gun to choose: AZ4 HTE-S Impact Junior (spot repair) or AZ3 HTE (fillers and primers)- 3 cups of 600ml each- AFV01 Regulator- Cleaning kit- Universal keyBrand: ANEST IWATA
  • 691,74 € 5SPECIAL OFFER
    SPRAY GUN IWATA SUPERNOVA WS 400 EVO 1.3mm CLEAR served in kit including a glossy and a matt clear of Custom Creative.  One of the finest and most professional spray guns ever designed for perfect finishes. Now available as kit including two clears of the spanish brand Custom Creative.Kit 1.2L matt clear C650 (incl. hardener)Kit 1.5L glossy clear...
  • Kit-Spray-Gun-4600-xtreme-Sagola-and-set-5L-premium-clear-c6800-custom-creative
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    A kit of a Sagola spray gun plus Custom Creative clear coat, both products of highest quality. This kit offers you a spray gun for extreme finishes, the 4600 Xtreme with Air Flow Regulator and a kit of 5L Premium Clear C6800.Content kit:- 1 spray gun 4600 Xtreme HVLP Sagola with nozzle 1.3mm DVR Clear (ref. 10142204)- 1 kit of 5L premium clear C6800 +...
  • 395,66 € 2In Stock
    SPECIAL OFFERSet inclduing - High-value spot repair gun Mini Xtreme EPA system Sagola. Available nozzle sizes: 1.00mm and 1.2mm (to indicate in comments in check-out page)- 1.5L kit 2K Clear Speed Xtreme 8500NT Custom Creative, fast drying, for small and big pieces, dust-free in 60min- Iwata Airbrush Revolution HP-CR 0.5mm, versatile...
  • 325,62 € 5In Stock
    Content spray painting set nº 1Air compressor 1HP with 6L tank, noise level only 59 Db Airbrush 2in1 detail with two nozzle sizes: 0.2mm and 0.3mm Air hose of 2m Spot repair spraygun AZ4 Iwata. Two nozzle sizes to choose from: 1.0mm or 1.2mmIdeal for professionals or beginners, suitable for solvent and waterborne paints, murals,...
  • 277,17 € 3SPECIAL OFFER
    Limited edition AZ3 HTE-S Impact Air Gunsa ARMY now available in a set including varnish C5700 Easy Clear from the Spanish brand Custom Creative. Versatile spray gun for basecoats and clears, solvent- and water-based.Delivery includes:- Air Gunsa AZ3 HTE-S Impact ARMY 1.3mm tip with 600ccm cup- Kit 1.5L clear varnish Custom Creative C5700...
  • Set AZ4 Impact + Iwata Revolution CR + 8500Nt Gloss Clear 1.5L
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    SPECIAL OFFERThis set includes:- Spot repair gun Impact Junior AZ4 especially designed for spot and smart repairs, available nozzle sizes: 1.0 and 1.2mm (comment in check-out page)- Airbrush Iwata Revolution HP-CR 0.5mm, versatile for moderate details and background spraying - Set 1.5L 2K clear Speed Xtreme 8500Nt, for small and big...
  • 236,92 € 2In Stock
    Spot repair kit including:- Spot Repair Gun AZ4 HTE Impact Junior Air Gunsa  1.2 for colour and clears- Kit 1L high-quality clear 8500NT Speed glossy + 200ml hardener- Kit 1L clear intense matt C650 Custom Creative + 200ml hardenerIdeal for professional refinishers as well as hobbyist who requiere high transfer efficiency, more control and comfort.
  • Turbine HVLP Turbo 1000 SAGOLA
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    Turbine unit with Spray Gun and hose, valid for all types of paints, finishes, primers and multi-colours. Professional HVLP autonomous tool with minimum mist.Ideal for retouching jobs on sites. Includes two nozzle combinations as standart equipment.

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