Chrome Paint 90% (Steelchrome)

With the chrome paint "Steelchrome" a chrome finish with an 90% mirror effect can be achieved on any kind of surface.

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Chrome Paint 90% Steelchrome

The chrome paint STEELCHROME is a ready-to-use paint formulated with ultra-fine aluminum pigments which, when used on surfaces of hardened and dry gloss, achieve a chrome effect of almost 100%. For decorative applications it can be left as it is, but if you want to get it resistant to abrasion and weather, then the special clearcoat "CLEARCHROME" must be used over the chrome paint. This clearcoat with special formulation does not completely eliminate the chrome effect but merely reduces it a little, giving a 90% mirror effect.

Highlights Chrome paint Steelchrome

  1. Ready to use product (shake well before use)
  2. Should be sprayed with more air than paint (fine and intermittent). Always on painted surfaces - dry, and of high gloss and hardness
  3. For decorative applications, the chrome finish does not have to be overcoated (chrome effect almost 100%). With special varnish overcoated a mirror effect of 90% is achieved.
  4. Available can sizes: 150ml | 500ml | 1L | 5L

1L of chrome paint METALCHROME


Brief instructions:

It is recommended to shake well the paint can before using.

The paint should only be applied on pre-treated surfaces. The surface has to have a dark background or a high gloss hardener must have been applied onto it (primer or lacquer). Make sure that the surface is clean.

Spray the paint in thin, intermittent passes on the surface and wait in between, allowing the air to evaporate so that the effect can set in. The effect is immediate. The drying of the surface can be accelerated with a thermic spray gun by applying various layers – more air than paint – until getting the desired effect.

Once an optimal mirror effect is achieved, let it air-dry for 24 hrs. or in the oven at 40° C for 2 hrs. Clean the surface with a soft cotton cloth and apply the topcoat.

If a painted piece will be used for decorative (indoor purposes), it can already be used like this. The chrome effect is almost a 100%, not resistant to abrasives though. If a protection against abrasives and weathering is needed, a topcoat should be applied. It is recommended to use the special topcoat CR2. A special, a hybrid coating that maintains the mirror effect at an 80%, reducing minimal the brightness.

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