Basic Set Chrome Spray Paint 2X

Aerosol chrome paint, 90% mirror effect on any surface that has been previously prepared. STEELCHROME is the most realistic chrome effect finish in spray format. To achieve a correct result, a specific application process must be followed. Especial attention to the preparation of the surface. 1K gloss clear should NOT be used as base for the chrome effect.

Content: 2 aerosols of 400ml each

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Kit Spray Chrome effect Paint + Fixing Agent Spray - STEELCHROME

This set contains 2 sprays:

  1. STEELCHROME, a custom paint to get the chrome effect finish closest to the real one
  2. H2O FIXCHROME GH to get resistance to weather, UV and abrasión

The STEELCHROME chrome effect is applied after a certain process. Special attention should be paid to the preparation phase, as this is crucial for achieving the most realistic chrome effect possible.

Application process Steelchrome

1. Prepare the surface to be chromed. Apply a 2K clear over the dark or black base. Let it dry for 72 hours. If you use one of our clears, you should choose the THUNDER CLEAR or the Polyaspartic.

2. Shake well the STEELCHROME spray vigorously for 1-2 minutes. Apply the paint intermittently. The evaporation is direct and shows immediately the chrome effect. Apply the paint without overcharging it until a a uniform chrome on the whole surface is achieved. Let it dry for 24 hours or 2 hours at 60°C in the oven.

3. When STEELCHROME is used for decorative purposes, the finish has a medium resistance. So could be removed by continous abrasion or cleaning chemicals, the chrome mirror effect is higher. If a higher resistance is needed, then the spray H2O Fixchrome GH, included in this set, has to be aaplied. It conferes resistance to abrasion and weather. Applying this paint the mirror effect will be reduced by 5-10%.

Set of 2 aerosols:
400ml Steelchrome
400ml Special topcoat H2O Fixchrome GH

- Steelchrome: 1m2
- Fixhchrome: 2m2

Brand: Custom Creative


Recommendations for use:

The surface to be painted has to be pre-treated adequately. The surface should be clean and dry as well as coated with an appropriate primer.

1.- The Metalchrome (chrome paint) is applied on the glossy (not sanded), hardened, clean and dry surface. First apply on one spot of the surface some test layers. If after the first layers the mirror effect does not appear, means the surface was not properly prepared.

Apply the paint in fine, intermittent layers on the surface and let it evaporate between the layers until an almost total mirror effect is achieved. Do not spray the paint extensively on the surface otherwise the mirror effect can disappear. Dry it at least for 24hrs., ideally 72hrs. so that the chrome pigments adhere firmly to the surface.

2.- Clean the chrome painted surface smoothly with a cotton cloth and apply the sealer AQUA. Apply either one wet layer or two thin layers. In the latter case let it dry 5-10min before applying the second layer. Keep a spraying distance of 20cm.

Let it dry for at least 24hrs. or if possible 72hrs. to sand slightly (e.g. with Scotch-Brite sandpaper) the surface in order to open the pores.

Recommendation: Apply a topcoat on the surface either with a clear coat or with a coloured Candy topcoat.

After this step the chroming process is finalized.

Performance: 2m2

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