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    • 70,25 € 2In Stock
      Extreme chameleon paint, the original chameleon paint everyone is talking about. Up to 6 colour shifts depending on angle of view or light reflected on the surface. Original pigments. Now available as set of chameleon paint and Preval sprayer. A extremely comfortable and professional way to work this high quality custom paint.  Coverage power: 2m2
    • Spray Xtreme Kameleon Paint 400ml Sale
      Limited special offer
      37,19 € Before 57,02 € 4In Stock
      Our colour shift paint extreme with up to 6 shifts of tones depending on the angle of view and incidence of light now also available as spray paint.Available in 3 references:- Green to Purple- Blue to Red - Red to GoldContent: 400ml
    • 22,15 € 5In Stock
      This set includes everyhting your to repair the headlights of your car or motorbike:Kit 150ml special varnish 2K for polycarbonate. To apply with the preval sprayer. Preval sprayer (with glass container + propollant cartridge) Autobody tape 48mm x 55m 4x wet sandpaper: 2 units of P800 and 2 units of P1500
    • 14,88 € 14In Stock
      Aerosol chrome paint, 90% mirror effect on any surface that has been previously prepared. STEELCHROME is the most realistic chrome effect finish in spray format. To achieve a correct result, a specific application process must be followed. Instructions for use below. Content: 400mlYield: 1m2Brand: Custom Creative
    • 14,88 € 5In Stock
      Special 2-component clearcoat for the subsequent protective coating of polycarbonate headlights that have been pretreated with primer. Highly transparent, light- and weather-resistant clearcoat. Confers new shine. Increases resistance to new damage.
    • 14,87 € 2In Stock
      100% clear mirror effect paint spray for glass and methacrylate (PMMA)Aerosol of 400ml blendCoverage: 1m2Brand: Custom Creative Industry Line
    • Spray Intercoat Clear AG710 400ml
      Limited special offer
      13,39 € Before 14,88 € 7In Stock
      Reduced price!
      A versatile solvent-based, transparent bilayer resin - now available as spray paint! Especially suitable to protect airbrush designs, paint jobs with pearls and metallic bases, excellent for taping and masking, does not leave marks. Intercoat clear spray totally transparent. Brand: Custom CreativeSize: 400ml
    • Disolvente de integración SPARMAX 1k NewSale
      Limited special offer
      11,70 € Before 13,76 € 1In Stock
    • 10,95 € 3DELIVERY TIME: 4-5 days for Iberian Island. Inquire times for other areas/countries
    • 10,95 € 10DELIVERY TIME: 4-5 days for Iberian Island. Inquire times for other areas/countries
      Limited special offer
      9,86 € Before 10,95 € 3DELIVERY TIME: 4-5 days for Iberian Island. Inquire times for other areas/countries
      Reduced price!
    • Spray Anti-Gravel Black & Grey
      Limited special offer
      9,83 € Before 11,57 € 3In Stock
      Reduced price!
    • 9,09 € 3In Stock
      This spray creates a carbon-like surface for easy transfer. Trace an image and transfer it to a new surface. Suitable for most papers and surfaces including canvas, cloth, glass, printed wood.
    • 9,05 € 2DELIVERY TIME: 4-5 days for Iberian Island. Inquire times for other areas/countries
    • 9,01 € 8In Stock
      Compressed air in propellant spray can with a size of 750ml. For airbrushing.Brand: Ventus
    • 8,68 € 5In Stock
    • 4,79 € Out of stock
      Out of stock
      The solution for removing old paints residues and to maintain your airbrush for longer periods.

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