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Other Airbrushes 

Other Airbrushes
  • Kit 2 Airbrushes VENTUS + Acc. Kit 2 Airbrushes VENTUS + Acc.
    Limited special offer
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    Airbrush kit including 2 VENTUS airbrushes, both of double action:Titan 0.25mm tip, graphity feed, with air pressure regulator, ideal for fine details. APOLO 0.35mm tip, suction feed, for more extensive spraying with greater autonomy of work.
  • 57,02 € 1 In Stock
    Double Action airbrush with a similar design as a mini spraygun, delivered in a set including 3 floating tips: 0.3, 0.5, 0.8mm, interchangeable graphity cups of 2, 5 y 13 ml and air hose of 2 meters with 1/8 male connection. Brand: Ventus Airbrush
  • 57,02 € 3 In Stock
  • 54,55 € OUT OF STOCK
  • 48,76 € 4 In Stock
    Airbrush "sand eraser" of simple action with an air hose of 2 meters.A fine sand pulverizer that fulfills several functions, but mainly as a fine eraser and recording in lithographs.Nozzle: 0.5 mm
  • 48,47 € Before 57,02 € 2 In Stock
    Reduced price!
    Airbrush kit ARES ASF with suction feed airbrush with 3 different nozzle sizes, air hose and 2 paint cups. - Double action airbrush Ares ASF- Suction feed system- 3 nozzle sizes: 0.3mm / 0.5mm / 0.8mm- Nylon air hose of 2m- 2 interchangeable suction cups: 7ml metal und 28ml plastic
  • AEROGRAFO TITAN 0.25MM VENTUS Airbrush Titan 0.25mm VENTUS
    Limited special offer
    34,21 € Before 38,02 € 1 In Stock
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  • 32,98 € 7 In Stock
    Double action airbrush with nozzle and needle of 0.3mm. Low-cost, gravity-feed airbrush with a high performance. Delivered in a case that includes:-    3 needle-nozzle set sizes: 0.2mm, 0.3mm and 0.5mm-    Air hose with 1/8" ends-    Adaptor for conversion to 1/4"
  • 28,93 € 4 In Stock
    The Airbrush Ventus Basic with its nozzle of 0.2mm offers a detailed airbrushing and finest atomization. Ideal where high control is required. Excellent for these applications: illustration, hobby, nail art, airbrush tattoos, spray tanning, airbrush makeup. Double action airbrush, 0.2mm nozzle, gravity system, airbrush cup of 2ml.Brand: Ventus Aerografia
  • 28,93 € 2 In Stock
    Dual action (air-paint) suction feed airbrush with 0.35mm tip size, two cups (metal and plastic) with a capacity of 5ml and 28ml. Free airbrush holder included!This shipon feed airbrush is especially designed for airbrushing of higher volumes with high precision and works that requires fast colour changes. Brand: Ventus
  • 24,79 € 3 In Stock
    Airbrush mini spray gun made of plastic, with 0.3mm nozzle, graphity cup of 22ml, trigger and paint regulator. Ideal for water-based paint. Air hose and connectore for air bottle included. Brand: Ventus Aerografia

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