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    Release your airbrush from the air hose with the Iwata QuickFit Quick Disconnect set. The QuickFit Air Hose Adapter screws onto the air hose and stops the flow of air until the QuickFit Airbrush Adapter, screwed onto the airbrush, is clicked into place. Simply push down on the QuickFit Air Hose Adapter to release the airbrush.
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    Harder & Steenbeck air cap with needle cap 0.4mm fine line. Ref. 126793Suitable for the following Harder & Steenbeck airbrushes: Infinity Evolution Ultra Grafo
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    Spare paint cup 2ml for Harder & Steenbeck airbrushes.Suitable for the series: Evolution Infinity Colani
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    Airbrush paint PREMIUM line Vallejo with special acrylic polyurethane formulation. Premium is especially recommended for painting motorcycle helmets, fuel tanks, surfboards and similar surfaces exposed to hard wear, and resists impacts and cracking as well as direct exposure to heat. Colour: Cobalt BlueContent: 200mlBrand: Vallejo Acrylics, Spain
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    The chameleon "Diamond" is a multicolour paint combined with particular sparkle pigments that intensifiy the colour shift effect. Formulated on acrylic solvent base of high quality.Aplication: spray gun and airbrushSizes: 125ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1LProduct of Colourfox Paints
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    This one-step boat polish conferes high gloss and removes quicly defects thanks to its high-tech minerals. Easy to apply. Suitable for smaller and larger surfaces. Clean work without dust or dirt. The Gelcoat Marine line from Menzerna can be processed with hard and soft pads.Content: 250 mlBrand: Marine MenzernaCut / Gloss: 8/8
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    The opal chameleon candys are formulated on the basis of high quality acrylic solvents. This colour is based on candy concentrates with opalescent colour-shifting pigments which give the candy effect a rich colour depth with fine opalescent chameleon luster. Application: spray gun, airbrush or spray.Can sizes: 50ml, 125ml, 250ml, 1l and Preval Sprayer
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    Holographic paint with a cobalt blue shade thanks to a special mixture of iridescent pigments (35 microns) with ultra-concentrated candys and high-quality bilayer paint.Application: spray gun, airbrush or Preval sprayer Can sizes: 125ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1L and Preval sprayer incl. 150ml effect paintCovering power 1L = 6 - 7 m2Product Colourfox Paints
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    Solvent-based candy concentrate for a chrome finish (90% or 100%) with a gold tone similar to a gold bar.Mixture: Blend with solvent-based clearcoat or transparent intermediate clearcoat AG710 in a ratio of 0.5 to 1%.Application: Apply thin layers to control the intensity of the tonality, spray on uniform layers.Content: 50ml
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    Harder & Steenbeck 126783 Fineline 0.15 / 0.2mm Air Cap, supplied with the "Clear View" needle cap and Viton seal.Crown with edges.Suitable for the following Harder & Steenbeck airbrushes: Ultra range Evolution range Evolution Silverline range Grafo range Colani
  • Spraymax 2K Clear Gloss  400ml x 6 units Spray 2K Clear Gloss  400ml spraymax NewSale
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    2K clear coat with high resistance (gasoline, chemicals, weathering) for painting and repairs on cars and motorcycles. High abrasion and scratch resistance, high gloss, easy to polish, no color deviation.Content: 6x 400mlBrand: Spraymax
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    Pressure regulating pressure gauge for your touch-up or standard paint gun.1/4 male connectionExcellent quality at the best priceBrand: CaarQ
  • Cinta carrocero con Film - CaarQ Maskin Tape with Film HDPE - CaarQ NewSale
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    Body masking tape with HDPE plastic film, high solvent resistance, especially for spraypainters.Excellent adhesion with resistance up to 80ºC, does not leave residueDifferent measures to choose for large and small working areas.Served in boxes with special price for workshops, maximum savings.Brand: CaarQ
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    Mirror chrome plating process of several successive spray stages which produce a chemical reaction that is not dangerous (no carcinogenic products, no heavy metals).- The chrome plating can be done on any previously prepared surface.- This set has a yield of approx. 1.5-2 m2 - To be applied with sprayers and spray gunsFormula no. 1 in the European market

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