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  • Prism Rainbow Paint by Custom Creative New
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    Holographic effect paint of 20 microns. Spectacular, maximum iridescent custom paint. Prism Rainbow is the latest addition to the holographic paint line from Custom Creative.Apply over black base for maximum intensity. Can also be applied over different coloured bases to achieve unique effects. Available can sizes: 150ml | 1 literBrand: Custom Creative
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    The original chameleon paint with multicolored ends is the most intense line of colour shift effects on the market.Up to 6 intense colour changes can be observed depending on the light and angle of view.Formulated on an acrylic solvent base.Dilute 2:1 with reducer.Ref.: Cyan to PurpleAvailable sizes: 125ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1 L
  • 53,72 € 12In Stock
    Solvent-based spray paint with holographic effect. The iridescent rainbow finish of 20 micra is one of the most popular effects in the sector. Apply over a black base to obtain maximum intensity.Can be applied over different base colours to achieve a greater effects.  Content: 400mlCoverage: 2m2Brand: Custom Creative
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    The original chameleon base paint with multicolored ends is the most intense line of chameleon effects on the market.Up to 6 intense colour changes can be observed depending on the light and angle of view. Formulated on an acrylic solvent base.Dilute 2:1 with reducer.Ref.: Red to GoldAvailable sizes: 125ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1 L
  • 6,61 € 5In Stock
    Mixing cups with measurement for paints, served in a set of:20 units of 400ml 10 units of 1300mlWith 10 measuring scales, high rigidity, solvent resistant. Brand: CaarQ
  • 15,70 € 3In Stock
    Dry, clean, pressure regulated air and no condensed water when airbrushing thanks to this air pressure regulator with filter for airbrush compressors.Manual outletPressure regulator with pressure gauge1/8" connectorsBrand: Ventus Airbrush
  • From 3,22 € 2In Stock
    Masking tape especially designed for modeling and paint jobs of high precision.No paint leaks or dashed linesAllows irregular and precision maskingUltraviolet filter that allows its use under direct sunlightMeasure: 18mm x 18m T07001Brand:Vallejo Acrylicos
  • Kit Compressor Freestyle Iwata + Airbrush HP-CR Mini Compressor Freestyle Iwata New
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    Airbrush kit for the most demanding professionals of airbrush makeup that require tools of maximum performance and quality. This set includes:- Iwata IFS 1000 Mini Freestyle Air Compressor, portable or fixed with rechargeable airbrush battery. Special for beauty applications.- Airbrush Iwata Revolution CR. Smooth coverage and quality atomization at...
  • 49,59 € 5In Stock
    Low cost airbrush for fine details and precision.2 in 1 version: complete kit for nozzle size 0.2mm and 0.3mmServed in plastic case with nozzle wrench and 2m braided air hose.Airbrush Detail 2in1 is an airbrush specially designed for fine spraying and maximum precision. It has a outlet valve regulator and trigger control.
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    Content spray painting set nº 1Air compressor 1HP with 6L tank, noise level only 59 Db Airbrush 2in1 detail with two nozzle sizes: 0.2mm and 0.3mm Air hose of 2m Spot repair spraygun AZ4 Iwata. Two nozzle sizes to choose from: 1.0mm or 1.2mmIdeal for professionals or beginners, suitable for solvent and waterborne paints, murals,...
  • 12,31 € 5In Stock
    Ultra-light putty with multifunctions. Low density of only 0.85 grams per cubic meter. Easy sanding and excellent adhesion.Its new formulation provides versatility when working small and large pieces.Use the catalyst in a proportion of 3-4%.Brand: Custom CreativeFormat: 1L
  • 172,73 € 2In Stock
    Piston Compressor ULTRA SILENT, only 59dB, powerful, reliable tool. Robust plastic housing that completely protects the head piece. Complete and compact control panel. 6lts of boiler and 8 bars of maximum pressure; without oil.Ideal for domestic and hobby applications. Light and easy to transport.Suitable for airbrush and spray gun.
  • 41,32 € 1In Stock
    Complete nozzle spare kit 0.2mm for Harder & Steenbeck airbrushes. This kit includes: - Needle 0.2mm- Nozzle 0.2mm- Air cap 0.2mmSuitable for airbrushes of the series EVOLUTION, INFINITY, ULTRA, GRAFO
  • 329,48 € 3In Stock
    Complete basic airbrush kit of Iwata: Airbrush compressor Silver Jet Air hose HP 41 of 4 meters Mini moisture filter FA450 Cleaning station CL 300 Airbrush Eclipse HP-CS, 0,35mm nozzle
  • 11,57 € 3In Stock
    This LED Magnifier by Anest Iwata allows you to examine parts up close at 30X/60X with white and blue LED lights. This compact tool also includes a practical strap and 3 standard button batteries (LR1130.
  • Airbrush Eclipse HP-BCS + Hose 3m Airbrush Eclipse HP-BCS + Hose 3m New
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    Special effect paint Gold Cosmic Fox, exclusively formulated by Colourfox.This custom paint is a combination of candys, rainbow and chameleon opal pigments.Blend: 1:1 with acrylic solventSpray over black colour.2-3 fine layers, 5-10min flash-off time between layers, afterwards varnishAvailable sizes: 50ml, 125ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1L
  • 5x Fluorescent Spray Paint New
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    100% pure acrylic enamel with high fluorescent power, excellent coverage, does not yellow, high pigmentation.Ideal for painting objects of wood, stone, plaster, metal, wicker, glass, cardboard, PVC, both indoors and outdoors applications.Kit of 5 fluor sprays: yellow, orange, pink, blue, green

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