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Mirror Paint 1K - Go Chrome
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Mirror Paint 1K - Go Chrome

Mirror Paint 1K - Go Chrome

Mirror effect paint 1K (Go Chrome) for various supports such as: metal, glass, plastic, resins, etc ...

- Easy and fast application with airbrush, spray gun and brush.
- Available can sizes: 250ml | 1L
- Yield: 1L = 8m²
- Ready to use
- Go Chrome cannot be varnished because the mirror effect would be lost

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Mirror Paint 1K - Go Chrome

Mirror Paint 1K - Go Chrome

Do you want a quick and easy to apply “100% chrome mirror” effect?

GO Chrome is a unique and innovative liquid paint, it offers an easy and decorative monolayer chrome plating that creates an instant mirror (100% Chrome) without any preparation on any smooth surface, also matt, satin and glossy.

It is an alcohol-based paint ready to use in any background color, it is a thick monocoat that covers and has little odor. The color remains unchanged over time and resists at 200 ° C.

Excellent grip on metals, glass, plastics, resins and any background, the paint grips and covers micro defects as it is thick and filled.


-Ready to use.

-Application with airbrush, gun and brush.

-Slow drying at room temperature or cooking (150 ° C) 2 to 4 hours.

-Support on surfaces such as: Metals, glass, plastics, resins, etc ...

Do you need to touch up the chrome of the headlight optics?

The paint has a powerful retro reflective effect (reflects light) that you can easily and effectively apply to the headlight optics when you need to touch up.


-The effect is decorative and sensitive to scratches or abrasion.

-Go Chrome cannot be varnished because the mirror effect would be lost.

-It is possible to repair or retouch simply by applying a new layer to the damaged area.

GO Chrome application with brush, airbrush or spray gun

It is very simple:

Make a nice shiny wet cape. Actuation time: 30 seconds


1 L = 8 m²

Do not make a layer too dry and do not apply excessively (avoid dripping).

In case of surface cracks during drying: blow to the surface.

In case of drops and excess, pick up with the brush and smooth immediately.

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