General Airbrushing Kits 

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    Special Airbrushing kit for illustration that includes everything for works of fine to medium details. Suitable for both hobbyists and professional painters.Content:- Airbrush Iwata HP-C PLUS 0.2mm- Compressor Iwata Power Jet Lite- Paint kit Photo Gray, 10 water-based colours of Com Art Iwata Medea- Gift: Finger rotary cutter, adhesive mask 2m,...
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  • Professional Spraypainter Set No. 1 Sale
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    Content spray painting set nº 1Air compressor 1HP with 6L tank, noise level only 59 Db Airbrush 2in1 detail with two nozzle sizes: 0.2mm and 0.3mm Air hose of 2m Spot repair spraygun AZ4 Iwata. Two nozzle sizes to choose from: 1.0mm or 1.2mmIdeal for professionals or beginners, suitable for solvent and waterborne paints, murals,...
  • Airbrush Kit Smart-Eclipse CS – Iwata Sale
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    Airbrush set which includes the Smart Jet Pro compressor of Iwata and the airbrush HP-CS Eclipse, as well as the air hose. Set both for beginners in airbrushing who want to start with a quality product and total guarantees, as well as for already professionals. Brand: Iwata
  • Airbrush Kit Iwata Eclipse HP-CS and Silver Jet Compressor
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    Complete basic airbrush kit of Iwata: Airbrush compressor Silver Jet Air hose HP 41 of 4 meters Mini moisture filter FA450 Cleaning station CL 300 Airbrush Eclipse HP-CS, 0,35mm nozzle
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    Ideal set for all who work frequently flakes in their airbrush finishes. Working flakes has never been easier than with this complete kit:- Mini Flake Buster FX- Iwata Eclipse HP-CS airbrush- Flake to choose: 14 colors of medium size 008, can of 85 grams, brand: Custom Creative
  • Airbrush Kit NEO-NINJA - IWATA
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    Airbrush kit of the brand IWATA:-    Compressor, max. pressure 1.3 bar, air delivery 9L/min-    4 meters coil hose-    Gravity-feed airbrush IWATA NEO CN or BCNWell suited for diverse small, short paint jobs in the following areas: textile design, make-up, modeling, basic airbrush works.Iwata Airbrush
  • Airbrush Set for Textile Painting
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    Complete set for textile painting composed by:- Airbrush Iwata Revolution HP-CR 0.5mm- Air compressor AIR-23 Ventus- Kit textil paint TIGER of Iwata Media, special for textile applications with airbrush and brush. Highly resistant to washings.- Nylon hose of 3m- Gift: 2m adhesive maskWith this set you can paint t-shirts, sneakers, cushions, rugs, etc.
  • Kit Airbrush NEO Basic IWATA
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    The perfect kit for airbrush beginners and airbrush artists who usually carry out small/few works. The airbrush set "NEO Basic" contains exclusively Iwata products:Compressor NEO Air Double action Aarbrush NEO CN 0.4mm with 2 cups 3 airbrush colours and 1 cleaner of Com Art (each one of 1oz)
  • Airbrush Kit Universal-Iwata-HP-CS-or-ULTRA-2in1
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    Airbrush setet with the following components- Airbrush compressor- Multi-purpose airbrush to choose: Iwata HP-CS or ULTRA 2in1 Harder & Steenbeck- 5 airbrush colours, basic shades + thinner- Air hoseThis set with the versatile airbrush devices to choose from a variety of airbrushing work can be performed.
  • Professional Spraypainter Set No. 2 NewSale
    Limited special offer
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    This professional spray painting set includes: Silent air compressor (59 dB)Retouch spray gun HVLP Ventus SG5 3-in-1 airbrush Hose of 2m Quick connector racordWith this complete kit you only need to add paint and then can directly start working on your projects.
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    Out of stock
    Airbrush kit that comes with a gravity airbrush with two nozzles (0.2mm and 0.3mm) which allows to work in multiple areas such as illustration, fine arts, artistic makeup, modeling etc., air compressor and kit of basic airbrush paints by Custom Creative.
  • 172,73 € 2In Stock
    Complete airbrush kit including:- Airbrush ARES, double action, suction feed system, highly versatil- 3 nozzles/needles: 0.3 / 0.5 / 0.8mm- Nylon hose 2m- Airbrush compressor AIR-23, horse power 1/5 CV, adjustable pressure 0-4 bar, air flow 25L/min, automatic oil-less motor, without thank, size 24.5 x 13.5 x 17 cm, 4.2kgAmongst others ideal for: cake...
  • Airbrush-kit-fine-art-ilustration-fine-details
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    FINE ART airbrush set perfect for lovers of illustration, fine detail and precision. A kit that allows you to work with high precision at an economical price.Two in one airbrush with nozzle sizes 0.2mm and 0.3mm, air compressor, set of water-based airbrush paints by Custom Creative and air hose.
  • 132,15 € 4In Stock
    Complete Airbrush Kit Intermediate Ideal for a diversity of airbrush paint jobs: professional make-up, nail art, decoration of bakery products and confectionery, textile design, modelling and much more. Suitable for beginners as well as for professionals.  
  • Basic Airbrush Kit MINI-Air - Ventus Sale
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    Basic airbrush kit including: - double action, multi-purpose airbrush with 0.3mm tip, graphity feed system- nylon air hose of 2m - powerful air compressor with air flow of 23 L/min Areas of application: Fine Arts, Custom, Body Art, Nail Art, Make-up, spray tanning, cake decorating.Perfect for beginners as well as professionals in airbrushing
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    Kit Airbrush Detail VentusFeatures:Compressor continuous airVoltage 220 V Horse power: 1/8 CV Out Pressure: 2.8 Bar Air flow: 13 L/min Noise level: 59 dB Weight: 2.1 kg Out connector: 1/8 M Size: 7.8 x 15 x 15.2 cmAirbrush:Titan 0.25 mm needle / nozzle Double actionAir hose:1.8 m nylon
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    Double action airbrush with nozzle and needle of 0.3mm. Low-cost, gravity-feed airbrush with a high performance. Delivered in a case that includes:-    3 needle-nozzle set sizes: 0.2mm, 0.3mm and 0.5mm-    Air hose with 1/8" ends-    Adaptor for conversion to 1/4"
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    Double action airbrush with nozzle and needle of 0.3mm. Low-cost, gravity-feed airbrush with a high performance. Delivered in a case that includes:-    3 needle-nozzle set sizes: 0.2mm, 0.3mm and 0.5mm-    Air hose with 1/8" ends-    Adaptor for conversion to 1/4"

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