Thermochromic Paint 1L FX

Thermochromic paints are temperature sensitive pigment paints that changes their colour with changing temperatures. The thermochromic effect causes that with rising temperatures the paint gets transparent and the background colour will be visible.

Solvent-based acrylic paint, ready for use.

Applicable with spray gun, airbrush, brush or paint roller.

3 colours available: red, blue, black
Size: 1L

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Thermochromic Paint FX 1L - Custom C.

The thermochromic paint gets transparent with rising temperatures. As soon as the temperatures change from cold to warm, the thermochromic paint disappears to show what is underneath. As soon as the surface cools off, the thermochromic paint will appear again. The effect is generated by warming and cooling of the treated surface.

The paint is available in the following colours and temperature levels:

  • BLACK  26 – 31ºC
  • BLUE    26 – 31ºC
  • RED      26 – 31ºC


Coverage: 1L = 2 m²
Size: 1L

The colour of the base coat is important, as it becomes visible when the thermochromic paint disappears. Therefore it is recommended to use a light-coloured base coat; white or similar light colours are well suited to obtain a notable, accentuated colour contrast. If fluorescent paints are used for the background, an even more outstanding and eye-catching effect can be achieved. The effect can be repeated up to 10.000 times before it becomes bit by bit less intensive.

The pigments of this paint are highly UV sensitive. For a higher protection it is recommended to apply a high-solid UV clear coat and avoid exposing the piece to UV rays. This way the durability can be extended.

High UV protecion clearcoats:  C7010 clear or clearcoat speed 8500NT of Custom Creative

Avoid temperature over 75ºC over a longer period.



  1. Sand and clean well the surface
  2. Stir well the product and if possible filter it with a 190µm; the product is ready for use
  3. Can be applied with spray gun, airbrush, brush, paint roller
  4. Apply it on light colours.
  5. Apply 4 to 6 thin layers, to be dried at moderate temperatures, 30 seconds of drying time between the layers. Once finalized the application, let it dry well.
  6. Lacquer the piece with a high solid UV protection

Coverage: 1L = 2m²

Do not heat it too much, bake it or expose during a longer period to temperatures higher than 75ºC. Should not be exposed to UV radiation. 

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