25 gr Kamaleon Pearl Paint KPR
25 gr Pigment KPR
25 gr Kamaleon Pearl Paint KPR
25 gr Pigment KPR

25 gr Pearl Kamaleon Pigment KPR

"Pearl Kameleon Pigment" different color changes in the same painting. Depending on where you look or how light bounces from the environment.

Pigment to formulate in resins

Format: 25 gr

11 chameleons to choose from

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25 gr Pearl Kamaleon Pigment KPR

25 gr Kameleon Pearl Pigment

25g format to formulate in resin, up to 1L

Pearl Kameleons are well-known effects in the world of tuning, eye-catching and spectacular due to the peculiarity that, depending on the viewing angle, we can see more than one color with the same finish. You can use it in automotive, motorcycle, car, helmet, warehouse or home decoration in furniture.

Application in 4 steps:

  • Mix in 2.5% resin
  • Spray nozzle: at least 0.5mm
  • On a black background for more intensity, you can use different color bases for stronger tones
  • Glossy, satin or matt lacquered

15 references to choose from:

KPR 01 cyan to violet

KPR 02 lime to cyan

KPR 03 grape to gold

KPR 04 Violet to Bronze

KPR 05 Emerald to Violet

KPR 06 violet to red

KPR 07 Magenta to Gold

KPR 09 Green to Aqua

KPR 11 Turquoise to violet

KPR 13 blue to red

KPR 14 violet to green

KPR 15 Green to Orange

The pigments are of the highest quality combined with additives and custom resins for airbrushing.

Format: 25gr

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Reference KPR-150

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