Holographic effect on cars and motorcycles? ....Of course!

The holographic effect is becoming more and more fashionable in the field of special effect paints as these effects produce iridescent rainbow reflections under the light.

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03/11/2022 | Actualizado: 11/11/2022 03/11/2022
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Holographic effect on cars and motorcycles? ....Of course!

The holographic effect has always been one of the most coveted finishes within special effects, its own characteristic in producing iridescent rainbow reflections when any type of light falls on its surface.

Currently it is back in fashion, where we can appreciate it in various sectors such as: automotive, decoration and industry.

It is important to mention that the rainbow effect is only seen when the painted object is exposed to any type of light, natural or artificial, it projects the refraction of light in the 7 primary colors. These colors vary depending on the angle at which you see the object. From one angle it can look totally blue, from another red, purple, and so on, all the colors of the prism.

Colourfox works a holographic effect with 35 micron pigment, the most suitable for easy application and maximum effect. Used over any color base (black maximizes effect), for further innovative effects it can be applied over: chrome, metals, glass, jewelery or other substrates using the appropriate anchor paint.

The advantage of applying this type of effects is that they are very resistant to UV rays, therefore, they are ideal for cars, motorcycles or designer furniture coatings, among others.

In our colourfox online store it is possible to purchase it in Liquid or Spray format:

1. SPRAY format.

2. Solvent-based PAINT liquid format: (We can make water-based formulations on request).

Special effects often require specific application processes, request and strictly follow the steps indicated by your advisor to ensure the desired effect

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