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Kameleon Flakes

Kameleon Flakes 25gr

Translucent particles that reflect various types of colors depending on the viewing angle. Called Flakes with a particle size of 200 microns, transparent, which makes the background color to be affected as little as possible.

Quantity: 25 g
Mix: 2.5%

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Flakes Kamaleon transparentes 
Esta nueva linea de flakes da unos efectos iridiscentes cuando incide la luz, reflejando varios colores. 

Los Metal Flakes tradicionales son recomendados a utilizar sobre fondo negro para poder ver el contraste pero estos flakes los puedes utilizar sobre cualquier color de fondo incluso blanco ya que al ser transparentes no afecta el color de base. 
Esta puede ser la diferencia mas notable de este tipo de flakes.

Kamaleones Flakes colors to choose from:

  • Blue - Purple
  • Blue - Green
  • Green - Turqouise
  • Orange - Green
  • Purple - Violet

You can use these glitters by applying them with guns that go from pitch 1.3mm onwards as they are flakes with a size of 200 microns.

How can I mix the kameleon flakes?

You can mix them in automotive varnishes or transparent resins (we recommend a high quality resin such as AG710)

The mixing ratio is 2.5% - When serving 25g it should yield 1 Liter

These types of glitter flakes are formulated on a polyester base, which makes them resistant to solvents and the sun.

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