chameleon-line constellation
Chameleon constellation-Draco-day
Constellation Chameleon-Draco-Night
chameleon-line constellation
Chameleon constellation-Draco-day
Constellation Chameleon-Draco-Night

Kamaleon constellation painting

Chameleon constellation new line of chameleons that when receiving direct light reflects its constellation effect of different colors

Ideal custom paint for painting: Bicycles, Motorcycles, Cars, decorations, wheels, fishing baits.

Format to dilute 1: 1:

Formats to choose from: 60ml, 250ml, 1L

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Kamaleon constellation painting

Kamaleon Constellation Painting

The chameleon constellation painting depending on the angle you look at it, you will see one color or another, having direct light reflects its holographic effect

How to apply Kamaleon constellation paint:
STEP 1: Apply a black background.
STEP 2: Once diluted, apply 3 or 4 thin layers of paint in a row (the paint dries very quickly) until the black base is completely covered. ATTENTION! No thick layers. Better thin and flowing layers.
STEP 3: Apply a varnish directly without delay (within 30 min) to give the paint strength and durability.

Available colours :

Constellation Indus: blue-green
Draco constellation: gold-violet
Constellation Aquarius: blue-purple
Constellation Hydra: blue-violet-copper

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