Glow in the Dark Paint FX Lumina - Custom Creative

The phosphorescent paints FX Lumina of Custom Creative, shine in the dark or total gloom. These so-called glow in the dark paint are applied over a white base and later topcoated. Glow up to 24 hours, rechargeable with natural or artificial light except infrared.

Format: -150ml  -1L

Available phosphorescent colours:
 -Monster Green -Lumina Blue -Lumina Purple -Lumina Aquamarine

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Glow in the Dark Paint FX Lumina - Custom Creative

Photoluminescent (Airbrush) Paint FX Lumina - Custom Creative

Glow in the darke paint - sounds radioactive, but is not the case. These phosphorescent paints are formulated with special pigments of the latest generation, which absorb natural or artificial light, and then release it gradually.

Main Features Glow Paint FX Lumina:

- Maximum phosphorescence, glows up to 24 hours
- Application: airbrush or spray gun
- Solvent-based (can also be formulated on water base on request)
- Rechargeable with natural or artificial light except infrared

4 colours available:
-Monter Green -Lumina Blue -Lumina Purple -Lumina Aquamarine

Application areas:
Airbrushing, textile airbrushing, automotive industry, decoration, industry.

Brand: Custom Creative

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