Differences between fluorescent and fotoluminescent paint

Differences between fluorescent and fotoluminescent paint

In this post we will examine the differences between photoluminescent, neon and fluor-luminescent pigments. The three are classified in the category of photoluminescent colours, but differ in some points, which we will look at in more detail below.

The first thing we need to be aware of is the difference between luminescent and fluorescent. Luminescence is the property that causes a particular body to emit light of its own while fluorescence is the property to reflect light more intensely. This means that the luminescent colour glows by itself in the dark and intensifies when using UV light. The fluorescent colour, in contrast, does not glow in the dark, although it does intensify upon irradiation with ultraviolet light.


Photoluminescent / phosphorescent pigments

The photoluminescent pigments glow in the dark, which is why they are also called „glow in the dark“ paints. They are mainly activated with ultraviolet light and reflect their light in the dark for about 20 hours. If these pigments are irradiated with natural or artificial light, they shine. These are neither toxic nor radioactive pigments and their brightness and luminosity are proportional to the particle size of the material. Available in different colours.

Neon / fluorescent pigments

Neon pigments display fluorescent colours in natural light as well as in disco-like conditions using ultraviolet light. The fluorescent colours are also called neon or daylight colours. These paints are available in the Colourfox online shop in various colours, water-based and solvent-based formulationTo emphasize again the difference: Fluorescent pigments do not glow in the dark and fulfil their function only with natural or UV light.

Fluor-luminescent pigments

These pigments combine the two aforementioned technologies. Not only do they glow in the dark and amplify with ultraviolet light, they also have a fluorescent effect through the application of natural light. This type of pigment is loaded with natural and ultraviolet light and reflects the light in the dark for up to 20 hours. The attractiveness of these effect-paints lies in the eye-catching pigments in combination with the photoluminescence.

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