An airbrush kit for every need

An airbrush kit for every need

One of the biggest question marks when entering into the world of airbrushing is probably the purchase of an airbrush gun. If you as a beginner want to make a first foray into airbrushing, you can find a suitable device in our online shop.

Airbrushes serve for a variety of disciplines. Depending on characteristics such as the capacity of the paint cup, the nozzle size, the system (gravity / suction), etc., the device is better suited to one or the other activity.


An airbrush for every area:

- Airbrush for modelling:  Highly detailed airbrushes with gravity cups 

- Airbrush for bodywork: They usually have solvent-resistant seals and use the floating tips nozzle system

- Airbrush for pastry and cake design: versatile devices with different needle/nozzle combinations.

- Airbrush for make-up: usually very fine and high-precision devices are used for a maximum level of detail.

- Airbrush for textile: floating tip nozzle system for spraying at high pressure.


Gravity, siphon and side feed system

1. Gravity system

Thanks to the fact that the cup is on top and thus the weight is above the airbrush body, they are more comfortable to handle. They are designed for airbrushing work requiring a high level of detail (supplied with fine nozzle / needle sets from 0.2mm to 0.5mm). The capacity is usually rather small (7 ml to 9 ml) and the cups firmly fixed to the body.


2. Siphon system

The paint cup is located below the airbrush body and the absorption of the colour succeeds by suction. The siphon cups normally have a larger capacity (28 ml to 112 ml), as do the nozzle sizes. They are suitable for bigger airbrush work. 

Due to the larger nozzle / needle combinations you can process thicker pigments (metallic, mother of pearl or fluorescent pigments). The paint cups are interchangeable. 

3. Side connection system

The lateral connection of the paint cup is a special form of the gravity feed system. Again, the colour flow is supported by gravity, but the cup is attached to the side of the airbrush body. It is basically used by airbrush artists who need a completely clear central field of view, especially for work with very fine details as well as illustrations. The paint cup is mostly interchangeable and has a small to medium capacity. The nozzle / needle combinations are usually very fine (0.2mm to 0.3mm).


And what about the airbrush compressors?

The first thing to keep in mind is that the larger the surface you work on, the more powerful the airbrush compressor needs to be. Logically, it does not take the same strength to do a temporary tattoo as to paint a car or paint a whole body.

Most compressors have a pressure gauge for adjusting the air pressure. As far as maintenance is concerned, this is easy with airless compressors without oil.

The more power the airbrush compressor has, the more airflow it will deliver. In fact, large compressors can supply air to two airbrushes at the same time.

Do you need help with the selection of a suitable airbrush kit for your needs? At Colourfox we are pleased to assemable a kit adapted to your needs. Just contact us by email at or whatsapp +34 675 907 198 and tell us about your area of activity and level of experience.

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