What kind of paint is used for belly painting?

What kind of paint is used for belly painting?

Do you know what Belly Painting is? Even if you have not heard the term yet, you may have already seen photos of pregnant women with an artistic drawing on their belly. This technique is called belly painting and is part of the artistic makeup and body art. As always when painting the body special care must be taken regarding the paints. Only skin-friendly, hypoallergenic colours should be used.

Colours are used that are easy to process on the skin and that can be easily removed with water and some soap, without the need for chemical products. Water-based acrylic paints and 100% natural colours are usually applied. Spray paints highlight colours and enhance gloss. In any case, paints should be taken that are easy to apply throughout the body and are easy to remove, and are not harmful to either the mother or the fetus. Neither by the fact that they penetrate the skin nor be inhaled.

The are to be painted should be prepared. Distilled or micellar water can be used to carefully prepare the area, in this case the abdomen, and allow the artist to take action.
Frequently Belly Painting also uses latex products. Of course you have to pay attention to allergies. The latex allows us to create reliefs and three-dimensional effects with a very special shine on the body of the pregnant woman.

Three types of painting techniques for the baby belly

1. Freehand: Generally time consuming, although it depends on the design.
2. With airbrush and stencils: This is faster and there is hardly any stimulation on the baby.
3. With Sponge: Enables the easy and precise application of fluorescent colours. This is the best option if the design should contain intense colors like fluor green or fuchsia. The first step is to place the sponge and then apply the paint.

Although there are several options, airbrushing is most commonly used. It allows the uniform application of colour to the woman's belly without causing colour gradients or stains. A sophisticated technique that requires a good pulse but is very precise and well controlled it is comfortable to use.

Of course, you can also use the brush for details to write the name of the future baby or to fill in edges and numbers. However, the usual thing in running a belly painting design is to mix several techniques. For example, the airbrush gun to paint the entire belly of the woman with a certain colour and the brush to make the drawing itself or to write the name.
The best time for the belly painting is about the 8th month of pregnancy, then the design looks best on the baby belly. Of course only if the mother to be feels comfortable. For the design to look better, the best time for the belly painting is about the eighth month of pregnancy, if the expectant mother feels good and comfortable.
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