How to achieve a coloured chrome effect

How to achieve a coloured chrome effect

The chrome effect is one of the most demanded effects in the car paint sector.
This is a type of paint which consists of certain chemicals that, applied in a particular order, produce a metallic finish (mirror effect) on the surface. This paint is also called chromium with water, since the compound is mainly based on water.

Application and use of the colored chrome effect

The paint with chrome effect with 90% mirror effect is quite easy and comfortable to use. However, in the case of chrome effect paint, it is recommendable that the user is trained and experienced in the application of (car) paint. Especially when it comes to the chrome effect of 100% mirror the painter must be experienced/professional.

In order to achieve the chrome effect, a total of three layers must be applied: base, chrome effect and topcoat.

Base: This is the first coat applied directly to the vehicle to be painted. It is a paint of opaque colour and with a glossy finish.
Chrome effect: The second level achieves the desired chrome effect.
Topcoat: and finally the protective layer, a glossy special clearcoat.

In this way, the vehicle is well equipped to withstand any weather conditions. The variety of available chrome colours on the market is quite wide and it can be found for all tastes and preferences something suitable. In some cases, the colours can also be mixed to obtain a customized chrome effect in colour.

The chrome paint is enjoying increasing popularity. It can produce extraordinary results in an infinite number of shades and is suitable for large-scale applications as well as small areas and parts.

In Colourfox we offer both chrome paint with 90% mirror effect and with 100% mirror effect.

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