Body painting or how to turn the body into a canvas

Body painting or how to turn the body into a canvas

In our online shop, we offer a wide range of (airbrush) paints for body painting, an artistic technique in which the body becomes the protagonist. Body painting is one of the first types of plastic expression used by our ancestors. In prehistory, coloured earth, coal, chalk, animal blood and other pigments were used as war paint to impress the enemy or as a hallmark of tribes. A primitive make-up technique that also served as a camouflage for hunters.

In fact, humans have always been wearing pigments on the body to confirm their identity, to express their affiliation with a particular group. Of course, body painting is sometimes used as an ornament as well. However, body painting has always been present in our societies.

At the end of the 20th century, corporal painting reappeared in the West. The art of painting the naked body and even hiding nudity. An artistic trend in which a wide variety of topics can be expressed. For example, it is easy to simulate clothing and create an optical illusion.


Material for body painting

Henna, natural pigments, and special make-up colours have been the most used products for body painting for years. They can be acrylic or fat based. Occasionally, lacquers are used to improve gloss or latex areas. These materials are basically easy to use and allow creating reliefs.

Body painting colours are applied on the body using an airbrush, which is also available in our online shop, a sponge or brush. It is important to use hypoallergenic paints in order to not damage the skin. Another important point: acrylic or water-based paints are usually better choices than fat or oil based paints. It is important that the model does not use any creams before applying the paint, as this may affect the adhesion of the colours. Body painting is a short-lived but time-consuming art tough, as it takes several hours from the design to the execution.

A worldwide used art

Nowadays, there are several major body painting festivals featuring top artists. For example the "World Body Painting Festival" in Seeboden (Austria) or the "International Body Painting Contest" in Brussels (Belgium). One of the best-known artists in this field is Julio Quijano, one of the most important references worldwide for fantasy make-up. In other areas, such as advertising and other creative activities, body painting has become more and more important over the last few years.

Here is a short list of the most important body painting types:

  1.      Animal re-enactment: animal-inspired designs
  2.      Mimicry: the model is given a camouflage according to the environment
  3.      Abstract: abstract painting with involvement of the body
  4.      Figurative: when figures or objects are drawn on the body
  5.      Realistic: for example, when clothing is reground
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