What kind of paint is used for airbrush tattoos?

What kind of paint is used for airbrush tattoos?

Many people, before taking the step of getting a permanent tattoo opt for a temporary one. The reasons may be of a different nature. For example, the fear of regret or ending up in company that is very restrictive regarding piercings and tattoos. Therefor temporary tattoos are a very interesting alternative. In this post we explain what type of paint is used in these cases.

In the case of temporary tattoos, the ink penetrates only the superficial layer of the skin. As it is not permanent you can take advantage of it and check how you feel about it, if you are comfortable with the design and the part of the body where you have placed it. And finally if you feel good about it go for a permanent one.

However, temporary tattoos are mostly used for children, for example on the beach areas, especially during summer time, street or any other kind of festivals. We also see them t sports competitions because they offer greater resistance than water-based paints (make up).

The paint for temporary tattoos, formulated with alcohol and with minimal amounts of solvent in pigment, are especially developed to use them on the skin. They are absolutely innocuous and of course hypoallergenic. Airbrush tattoo paints are always dermatologically tested. In fact, in many cases semi-permanent or temporary tattoos are made with organic inks and safe for the skin.

Temporary tattoos applied with airbrush

Airbrushed tattoos are applied to the surface of the skin without damaging it in the least. The way to apply it is to spray the ink with the airbrush on a prefabricated stencil (template). These inks are so fine that they can be sprayed with fine nozzles of even 0.2mm.

The duration of temporary tattoos can be up to a week. They remain on the skin until the most superficial layer (the epidermis) regenerates naturally. Logically, the duration of temporary tattoos depends on factors such as personal hygiene habits (if you shower several times a day it will last less), sweating, skin type or body part where the ink is applied (it will be more ephemeral in the areas of the joints).


Safe and hypoallergenic inks

The designs made with this type of ink of Colourfox catalog are temporary because they only stain the dead cells of the last layer of the skin. These inks never reach the middle layer of the skin (dermis) and therefore do not remain permanently in the body. In the case of traditional tattoos, the ink molecules are too large for the immune system to remove.

Anyway, if you want to eliminate a temporary tattoo before it disappears by itself, it is enough to apply some lotion based on alcohol or oil. However, do not worry because these are indications that the tattoo artist will give you. These professionals must be informed about everything related to the inks and the tattoo process.

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